NCPC 2014: Chalmers

Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest

Saturday 4th October
10:00 - 16:00
Room 3358 in the EDIT building
Team size
1-3 human beings

NCPC is a programming contest arranged simultaneously at several sites in the nordic countries.

During 5 hours, teams of 1-3 people solves algorithmic-oriented programming problems. Coding is done in Java, C, C++, C#, Object-C, Go or Python.

The contest is a tough but also fun challenge!

For rules and more information, go to the official NCPC 2014 page.


Time What
10.00 Meetup and rehash of rules in 3358
10.30 Getting all teams set up and ready
11.00 Contest begins
[Hacking intensifies]
16.00 Contest ends
16.15 Walkthrough of solutions

More information

This regional competition is arranged by Chalmers students from dHack

  • Niclas Ogeryd <ogeryd AT dtek DOT se>
  • dHack <dHack AT dtek DOT se>
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